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Discover our trainings and expertises

Discover our trainings and expertises

Discover our trainings
and expertises



Founder of the Nouvelles Thérapies Center, I am pleased to cooperate with passionate professionals who bring a myriad of unique skills and experiences.

For almost 10 years, I have been practicing NATUROPATHY based on the Nutritional and Functional Medical Approach, considering all the parameters that can influence the health and quality of life of the consultants who have trusted me*.  

From a complete medical history carried out at the 1st session, I recommend natural solutions based on PHYTOTHERAPY and AROMATHERAPY, NUTRITIONAL advices and MICRO-NUTRITIONAL food supplements according to the specific needs identified :

  • nervous and immune support in case of high STRESS,
  • BURN-OUT prevention,
  • DIGESTIVE and SLEEP disorders,
  • FERTILITY improvement among couples whose family plans encounter obstacles,
  • support in times of HORMONAL changes,
  • prevention or return to a balanced diet in the event of DIABETE,
  • support in case of CHRONIC and/or degenerative DISEASES,
  • Food and seasonal INTOLERANCES and/or ALLERGIES….

Trained in Solution Oriented Relationship Counselling, I am also specialized in couple therapy and SEXOTHERAPY according to the Positive Therapy-Approach developed by Iv Psalti et Yvon Dallaire. 

Within the framework of these sessions devoted to relationships – to oneself and to the other – We elaborate a harmonious PERSONNAL SEXUALITY and/or work on setting-up of a FAMILY and COUPLE PROJECT including the construction of a satisfactory sexuality.

More information on my website or via FB and LinkedIn.
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With more than 20 years of experience in clinical practice, unit management, hospital care and various therapies (intra- and extra-hospital psychiatry, continuing care, palliative care, humanitarian missions, consultations, training, team leadership, project management…), I will introduce you to the fascinating world of SOLUTIONS ORIENTED COACHING.

  • Post-graduate degree in ERICKSONIAN HYPNOSIS from the Milton H. Erickson Institute of Quebec ;
  • Trained in STRATEGIC & SYSTEMIC BRIEF THERAPY at the G Institute. Bateson de Liège (associated with the Mental Research Institute, Palo Alto);
    Master’s degree in NLP (Society of NLP, U.S.A.); COACH certified, TRAINER and SUPERVISOR ;
  • COMMUNICATION CONSULTANT (ACP approaches Carl Rogers, Transactional Analysis, CNV Marshall Rosenberg, solution-oriented strategies, Clean Language David Grove…) and in frequent communication with Ernest L. Rossi, Jeffrey K. Zeig, and Michel Kerouac.

In 2001, I founded Coach Solutions in Geneva, dedicated to private practice, external interventions, SEMINARS and CONFERENCES ; then created in 2004 the Institut des Perspectives Humaines, which offers training for confirmed and future therapists.

For any information or appointment for a SKYPE consultation :  –   Tel : +41 713 20 36


From my native country in Thailand, where the art of massage was an integral part of my education, to Geneva, where I have been practicing since 2011, I have always transmitted the benefits of this ancestral art that my grandmother and the teachers who succeeded her have passionately and philosophically passed on to me.

For a relaxing moment while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of the THAÏ TRADITIONAL MASSAGE – ESSENTIAL OIL MASSAGE – SWEDISH or SPORTS MASSAGE – REFLEXOLOGY 

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Tel : +41 78 689 33 67


Doctor of Letters, with 15 years of experience in computer science and management, my passion for the functioning of the human being led me to study PSYCHOLOGY at university and to train in SOLUTION-ORIENTED COACHING.

My conviction is that every human being can succeed in accomplishing his or her most cherished goals and fully develop his or her potential and abilities.

I specialize in the themes of CAREER REORIENTATION, STRESS and EMOTION MANAGEMENT and energy recovery in prevention or after a BURN-OUT.

To help you reach your goals I create personalized programs based on COACHING techniques, MINDFULNESS, CARDIAC COHERENCE and BIBLIOTHERAPY.

I am looking forward to welcoming you with a smile, a good organic tea and in all kindness.

Tél. : +41 79 656 80 15   –   Skype :   –   IG/FB :  –   Email :


Married and the father of two children, now grown-up, classical and jazz pianist, graduate in scientific police and holder of an MBA, I have held various managerial positions in the private and public sectors. Aware of the suffering encountered in the workplace, which can also affects private life, I have reoriented myself in the RELATIONSHIP SUPPORT, which fully corresponds to my values.

Certified COACH and HYPNOTHERAPIST, I practice SYSTEMIC and STRATEGIC BRIEF THERAPY associated with hypnosis in the following fields :

  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT : identify and clarify your values, overcome the obstacles and beliefs that prevent you from moving forward.
  • COACHING : clarify your objectives and activate your resources to achieve them.
  • OPTIMIZATION OF AFFECTIVE RELATIONSHIPS : in order to free yourself from the hardships and injuries of the past, cut the ties that prevent you from moving forward, and make the appropriate bereavements.
  • EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT: grief, stress, anxiety, fear, anxiety, stage fright, exam preparation, phobias, lack of confidence and self-confidence.
  • Changes in behaviors: quitting smoking, heal compulsive eating, OCD.
  • DEPRESSION and BURN-OUT prevention: assess your state of exhaustion and discover efficient strategies to get out of these psychological junctures.            

Email :                Tel : +41 21 552 05 21 


I am a native English-speaking therapist, originally from the US, now living in Geneva, Switzerland. After earning my PhD in CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY from Boston University, I completed my post-doctoral fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, with a focus on COGNITIVE-BEHAVIORAL THERAPY (CBT) for children and adolescents.

I use a cognitive-behavioral therapeutic approach with CHILDREN (3 years+), ADOLESCENTS, and ADULTS to help my clients master challenges including: ANXIETY, ATTENTIONAL PROBLEMS, BEHAVIORAL FEEDING PROBLEMS, DEPRESSION, general BEHAVIORAL ISSUES, and OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE BEHAVIORS. 

To learn more about my work and schedule an initial consultation, please visit my website

Phone : +41 77 535 78 43   –   Email :



As a WORK PSYCHOLOGIST, specialized in CENTERED SOLUTION COACHING, I have adopted a pragmatic, effective and benevolent approach.

Facing the professional problems you encounter, I propose to accompany you and stimulate your reflections and creativity, identify your resources and open up to new perspectives.

During my 8 years at the Geneva Assessment Centre (CEBIG), I acquired expertise in CAREER MANAGEMENT consulting, SUPPORT FOR CHANGE and the SKILLS VALORIZATION.

My certifications:

  • Master’s degree in work psychology
  • Adult Trainer Certificate FSEA
  • CAS in a solution-oriented approach

Tel : +41 77 412 97 88   –   Email :



Whether it is your personal development or the management of emotions in your professional, family, private or sentimental life. Or in your activities such as creating a company, a professional reconversion, your trading (stock or crypto), poker or sports betting where our emotions are put to the test.

More than a simple coaching, I have at heart to offer you a real transformation in your life: And become the active, joyful, sparkling person and fully master of his choices and decisions in complete alignment with his values that you wanted.

To learn more about my work, please visit my website :